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Sonntag, 7. März 2010


The concepts of telepathy or thought transference describe the transfer of information between people, without having to use well-known sensory or technical transmission channels. Someone to whom are attributed to such capabilities is called a telepath.
What - in the opinion of people who believe in telepathy is transmitted - that goes: It is about ideas, names, impressions, images, words, moods, situations and other thoughts - yet it may well lead to misunderstandings. The telepath must be in accordance with this belief a person with clairvoyant abilities, which manifests itself present, and future. In discussions on this issue there is the dilemma of undecidability. The theoretical possibility of telepathy is demonstrated by modern technology. Someone plays pinball machine, but he doesn't move hands.

Concept of an empirical study on the "telepathy"
There is a possibility to be developed with the help of the Internet discussion forums to carry out an empirical study, which provides information about whether a correlation, ie Dependence of messages of a medium as a volunteer and received messages from participants of the discussion forums can be found.

Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

Dragging the square root

The algorithm of the written dragging the square root based on the binomial formula:
(a + b) ² = (a ² +2 ab + b ²)

For example, dragging the square root of 4225:

About the operation of a mechanical clock

The essential parts of a clock are in a small case and on its outside, there is the dial. Through the center of the extended axis, there is the minute wheel, and on its end there is the minute hand, which moves in one hour once around the dial. At the same axis is still the minute transmission, which is moved by the gear for the display of hours, which rotates once in twelve hours. The minute wheel is rotated by a transmission from one gear, which is set in motion by a spring. It is important that the minute wheel slowed down in its movement. The number of rotations is taking place according to the desired time. Thus, the slowness of the minute wheel by inhibiting the movement is made of a gear. The device, which causes this inhibition is called the balance wheel. The balance wheel works in principle like a pendulum. But instead of a pendulum, a coil spring is used. The coil spring is connected to the metal hoops on its axis. Coiled spring, of course, wants to unfold again. While they were unfurled, rotates with the metal tire. But at some point, the spring has not enough power to a driving force for the metal tire. The metall tire is now swinging back and rolls his coil spring again. At a certain point, the spring can no longer be rolled up and unrolled the coil spring up again. If the metal tire is now swinging back and forth, it raises again and again the anchor and the clock keeps running. If the anchor dissolves or reaches back into gear and stop the gear and then released again, one hears the clock ticking.


Square Root of 2 or Infinite sets of numbers

The written algorithm
The relationship between the calculation methods of the written dragging of the square root is the binomial formula, and the squaring of Rechenausdrücken with summands. It applies here:
There are different calculation methods for the individual digits of the square root of 2. This written algorithm for calculate the square root demonstrates, that for the determination of the next decimal place respectively as well as multiplication and subtraction computations are required.

Behavior of "infinite" number of Decimals
Dealing with electronic computers, has the computational capabilities of the people increased. Also it created an awareness of the limitations of computer speed and its memory capacity. To that extent some people will come to the view that not exist an "infinite" number Decimals. So, if the statement that the square root of 2, is a single number was no longer valid, than some people even came to the conclusion that the number of the solutions set of sqrt (2) = x, ie IL ={ (x) | sqrt (2) = x)} be an infinite or at least would be very large.