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Sonntag, 7. März 2010


The concepts of telepathy or thought transference describe the transfer of information between people, without having to use well-known sensory or technical transmission channels. Someone to whom are attributed to such capabilities is called a telepath.
What - in the opinion of people who believe in telepathy is transmitted - that goes: It is about ideas, names, impressions, images, words, moods, situations and other thoughts - yet it may well lead to misunderstandings. The telepath must be in accordance with this belief a person with clairvoyant abilities, which manifests itself present, and future. In discussions on this issue there is the dilemma of undecidability. The theoretical possibility of telepathy is demonstrated by modern technology. Someone plays pinball machine, but he doesn't move hands.

Concept of an empirical study on the "telepathy"
There is a possibility to be developed with the help of the Internet discussion forums to carry out an empirical study, which provides information about whether a correlation, ie Dependence of messages of a medium as a volunteer and received messages from participants of the discussion forums can be found.

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