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Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

Square Root of 2 or Infinite sets of numbers

The written algorithm
The relationship between the calculation methods of the written dragging of the square root is the binomial formula, and the squaring of Rechenausdrücken with summands. It applies here:
There are different calculation methods for the individual digits of the square root of 2. This written algorithm for calculate the square root demonstrates, that for the determination of the next decimal place respectively as well as multiplication and subtraction computations are required.

Behavior of "infinite" number of Decimals
Dealing with electronic computers, has the computational capabilities of the people increased. Also it created an awareness of the limitations of computer speed and its memory capacity. To that extent some people will come to the view that not exist an "infinite" number Decimals. So, if the statement that the square root of 2, is a single number was no longer valid, than some people even came to the conclusion that the number of the solutions set of sqrt (2) = x, ie IL ={ (x) | sqrt (2) = x)} be an infinite or at least would be very large.

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